MFN reunion gathering and fishing Competition 2nd March 2014

Dear MFNers,  there will be a reunion gathering and fishing competition organised by a few Klang valley members at the Jugra Sports Fishing Pond on the 2nd of March 2014. Calling all old and new members to join in the fun and catch up with old friends or just turn up to meet new anglers and llearnfrom the pros. More information in the MFN forum here.   MFN Facebook page

Fishing in Mengkuang Dam this Sunday 26th Jan 2014

Good News. PBA has approved PMPP to go fishing in Mengkuang Dam this Sunday 26th Jan 2014. Lots of Big Toman. More info here:

dropping a line…

I remember when I was a lurker.  Like a small fish in a big pond.  Then, I learned to use MFN to learn.  And, to fish for more info on fish, tackle and fishing venues in the hope of hopefully catching more fish.  Or, just to see what the others were catching.  Sometimes, even to catch a few lines of gossip when there was no time/opportunity to fish.  Think that’s… Read More »

The Beginning of Malaysian Fishing Net

Some of you may be new to fishing in Malaysia and perhaps you might not know how MFN got started. Well, MFN has been in existence since the year 2000 and was started by a gentleman by the name of Vincent Chin. He created the first Fishing forum for Malaysians to get together in cyberspace to share their fishy tales and generally chat about fishing as well as sharing fishing… Read More »

MFN Forum

We are currently in an early beta stage of our forum.  Please do sign up and try it out and lets us have your feedback. Thanks

Home of the brave Malaysian Anglers

Since the Malaysian Fishing Net (MFN) was established on 20 Dec 2000, it has established itself as the foundation forum for all things fishing in Malaysia.  MFN has been cited regularly in newspapers and magazines when reporters or researchers look for fishing information.  With more than ten years of anglers participating from all over Malaysia and the world, the MFN forum is filled with some of the richest fishing information; that teaches… Read More »